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Hi hi!! I'm Rayne!! Well my full name is Raynemask cuz it's my warrior cat name but you can just call me Rayne!! Welcome to Cinderellafunny.com!! I am the sole programmer of this site (fellow coders will know the pain x-x) and so you'll prob hear from me the most...but my friends help me a whole bunch especially with getting images and news to update the site with!!! Anyways plz enjoy your stay!! Well I mean if you're here I'm sure you love Ouran & Cinderella as much as the rest of us x4
Favorite Host: Haruhi!!! She's so lucky...
Favorite Cinderella Movie: シンデレラ from 1993! So cute^-^
Favorite Song:Dreams of an Absolution from Sonic 06!!

Hello.. I am Kuro (as in japanese for night.), ur worst nightmare >:x. Thank u for reading my intro... I create many images for this site. I love anime, so i'm a bit of a weirdo kid. If you hurt my friends, i WILL hurt you. usually i think cinderella is far too girly... but kaoru's inner pains touched me. he shares MY pain and his pain pains ME. enjoy this website... note: i am a girl but i am called by he. i am a BOKUKO. bokukko is a japanese word which means a girl who uses the word boku. i am simply part of a japanese subculture, there is NOTHING weird about this. just because im a girl who wants to be called a boy does not mean i AM a boy. thankyou.
Favorite Host: Kaoru Hitachiin is emotional. just like me...
Favorite Cinderella Movie: Disney's Cinderella has a bittersweet feel.
Favorite Song: You're So Creepy is my theme song >w<

hi my name is raven. i d0n't d0 much 0n this page but i may c0me here s0metimes :3 i'm a big kp0p fan and my fav0rite gr0ups are ex0 and shinee. i suppp0rt all f0rms 0f l0ve including ya0i c0uples and yuri c0uples. i see n0 difference. (Note from Rayne: don't critizise how Raven types!! It's inspired by this AWESOME webcomic called "Homestuck". Go read it!)
Favorite Host: m0ri. he's s0 c00l :d
Favorite Cinderella Movie: cinderella 3 by disney
Favorite Song: ring ding d0ng by shinee

~A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes~